A New Way to Connect Alumni and Students Working for Social Change

UCSC & Career Advancement Partner up to Form a LinkedIn group with a social action oriented agenda.

Founded in 1996 by First Lady Michelle Obama, the University Community Service Center (UCSC) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with an exciting series of programming to mark this milestone throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. UCSC invites students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community partners to pledge time, effort, and financial resources to celebrate this anniversary and to further the culture of civic engagement at UChicago and beyond. To learn more, visit: UCSC.uchicago.edu/20for20

Framed around a "20 for 20" Community Engagement Challenge, UCSC is partnering with Career Advancement to connect current students with alumni working in social change fields in Chicago and other cities. Through the meaningful connections we look forward to fostering, UCSC and Career Advancement hope UChicago can graduate even more students who will make social change contributions in the nonprofit, government, and private sectors with corporate social responsibility units.

We recommend three specific 20-minute opportunities for Alumni - How to help students do social change work (in 20 minutes or less)!

1. Offer a current student feedback on their LinkedIn profile
2. Review a current student's cover letter for a social change position
3. Set up a video chat on Skype or FaceTime to tell a current student how you built your social change career

Join the LinkedIn group here to start connecting or search for the group "UCSC and Career Advancement" on LinkedIn