Dining with a Purpose: Eat Good, Do Good - Sign up to be a UCSC Meal Sharing host/cohost!

Enjoy good food? Dialogues on social change? Networking? Dine with a purpose!

Cost: Hosts prepare and provide home-cooked or catered meal.
Registration Required: https://www.mealsharing.com/groups/university-of-chicago

To celebrate its 20th anniversary this school year, the University Community Service Center (UCSC), of the Office of Civic Engagement, founded by former First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a “dining with a purpose” community engagement and fundraising campaign in partnership with MealSharing.com, an online platform that brings people together through home-cooked meals in more than 150 countries. UCSC is excited to have more people in the UChicago community and networks participate as hosts and guests to build stronger civic engagement communities in Chicago and beyond. We invite you, your friends, and colleagues to sign up to be a February UCSC Meal Sharing host/cohost!

- Learn more about this initiative: https://ucsc.uchicago.edu/page/meal-sharing
- Watch this video to learn more about a UCSC Meal Sharing experience: http://bit.ly/2k7h1dX
- February hosts/cohosts include UChicago grad students, staff, alumni, and friends. Click on posted meals’ “About the host” section to learn more about who is supporting this pilot.
- Post your meal by Monday, 2/6: https://www.mealsharing.com/groups/university-of-chicago
- Guests receive a secure UCSC link to donate after the meal. The suggested donation is $20.
Event Contact
Amy Chan, UCSC Director

Staff Liaison