The Merging of Economics & Psychology 




Please join UChicago economist, Allen R. Sanderson, for this 'Feast' lecture. For better or worse, one of the exciting economic frontiers in terms of general interest, teaching, research, and public policy in this country and abroad is clearly behavioral economics, the merging of economics and psychology. Taking on the straw man of the rational, consistent and predictable “economic man,” scholars have put some heavy thumbs – “nudges” – on the scales to improve private and public decision making. This research has also resulted in several Nobel prizes, including Richard Thaler of Chicago-Booth in 2017, and a couple of good books in the 21st century. Their kin, experimental economists, have contributed the findings from laboratory and field studies to make humans healthier and less wasteful of economic resources. Whether they can also make us happier is another matter. But we’ll discuss all of this in March.


11:00 am: Refreshments & Registration

11:30 am: Program 

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Saturday, 03/3/18 at 11:00am - 1:15pm | iCal


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