UChicago Graham School Alumni Discount

Discount tuition offer of $300 for select Graham School’s courses for Alumni.

A special opportunity for a discount tuition offer of the UChicago Graham School’s select fall 2018 and winter 2019 courses for $300, a $60 discount from the regular price of $360. Please note that this discount is offered only to alumni who are degree graduates from UChicago. Take advantage of this special using discount code of 201802 that can be applied on the checkout page. Please use the following link for registration.

Classes offered with this discount
Buddhism in China
This course aims to give a general introduction to the various ways Buddhism was understood and practiced in the religion’s first thousand years in China.

Contemporary Chinese Cinema
With China’s phenomenal economic and social transformations in recent decades, leading ethic Chinese filmmakers have arrived on the global stage and a few Chinese films have become internationally acclaimed. This course will focus on major films created by ethnic Chinese filmmakers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

China and the World through Objects and Humans
In this course, we will take late imperial China (15-19th century), with its complex relations with foreigners, as our case study to critically analyze its historical shifts from a special, transnational perspective.

Twentieth Century China: Past and Present
In this course we will examine how diverse parties and ideologies competed with each other and contributed to the China we know today.