Chicago Quantum Summit 2018

The Summit will convene leading experts from academia, industry, and government for a 1.5-day program of presentations and rich discussion on the future of quantum computing, information science, and education.

The Summit is by invitation only. Live streaming is available for the Thursday Summit events.
The evening discussion, Quantum Engineering: The Next Technological Space Race, is open to the public and available through live streaming.
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Quantum Engineering: The Next Technological Space Race

November 8, 6:00pm - 7:00pm CST
Open to the public; Free with online registration.

Watch via live stream.

Location: The Standard Club, 320 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 60604

Quantum technology is the next frontier of science, and the world is in a technological race to develop quantum computers and technologies. Advancing this technology requires developing new understandings of the rules of quantum mechanics that govern the smallest particles and applying those discoveries to new types of devices, materials, and computing techniques.
Join Hartmut Neven, founder and manager of Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence lab, and David Awschalom, Director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, to hear more about the progress and promise of quantum technology, and the role that Chicago can play in ensuring the US leadership in this critical area of research. The event is moderated by Martin Giles, the San Francisco bureau chief of MIT Technology Review.
This event is part of the inaugural Chicago Quantum Summit, multi-day program of presentations and discussion exploring the future of quantum computing and information science.


Summit Information

The Summit is by invitation only.


Thursday, November 8, Summit live stream.

Quantum Engineering: The Next Technological Space Race: free; register online here or watch  via live stream.


Thursday, 11/8/18 at 8:45am - Friday at 12:30pm | iCal


University of Chicago Eckhardt Research Center (ERC)
5640 South Ellis Ave
Chicago, IL 60637

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