Katherine M. H. Reischl - "Photographic Literacy"

Presented in partnership with CEERES, the Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies at the University of Chicago

Join us for a reading and discussion with professor Katherine M. H. Reischl, author of "Photographic Literacy: Cameras in the Hands of Russian Authors".

Presented in partnership with CEERES, the Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies at the University of Chicago.

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About the book: Photography, introduced to Russia in 1839, was nothing short of a sensation. Its rapid proliferation challenged the other arts, including painting and literature, as well as the very integrity of the self. If Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky greeted the camera with skepticism in the nineteenth century, numerous twentieth-century authors welcomed it with a warm embrace. As Katherine M. H. Reischl shows in "Photographic Literacy", authors as varied as Leonid Andreev, Ilya Ehrenburg, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn picked up the camera and reshaped not only their writing practices but also the sphere of literacy itself.

For these authors, a single photograph or a photograph as illustration is never an endpoint; their authorial practices continually transform and animate the frozen moment. But just as authors used images to shape the reception of their work and selves, Russian photographers — including Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky and Alexander Rodchenko — used text to shape the reception of their visual work. From the diary to print, the literary word imbues that photographic moment with a personal life story, and frames and reframes it in the writing of history. In this primer on photographic literacy, Reischl argues for the central place that photography has played in the formation of the Russian literary imagination over the course of roughly seventy years. From image to text and back again, she traces the visual consciousness of modern Russian literature as captured through the lens of the Russian author-photographer.

About the author: Katherine M. H. Reischl is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Princeton University and is currently the Christian Gauss Fund University Preceptor. She received her BA (2005), MA (2007) and PhD (2013) from the University of Chicago in Slavic Languages and Literatures. Her book, "Photographic Literacy: Cameras in the Hands of Russian Authors", is based on archival research undertaken while a Fulbright Fellow in Russia.

Since joining Princeton's faculty, she has been co-organizer of the Pedagogy of Images working group, focused on the visual language of Soviet children's books. She is also the project lead on a large-scale digital humanities project, "Playing Soviet," which features rare books housed in the Cotsen Children's Book Collection. Her work on digital media also includes a recent publication on the digital life of avant-garde periodicals in the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies. Kat's current book project is an intermedial exploration of color and color technologies in Russia in the late Soviet period: "Beyond Red: Late Soviet Color".

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