Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Chicago?

The Alumni Club of Chicago is the collection of all UChicago alumni living in and around Chicago. The mission of the alumni club is to keep alumni connected to each other and to The University by hosting lectures, happy hours, networking opportunities, and other Chicago-area events. There is something for everyone--young alumni, alumni with children, alumni with inquiring minds, and more!

Who is a member of the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Chicago? 

If you live in metropolitan Chicago and are an alum of UChicago, you are, by default, a member of this club.  

Who leads the Alumni Club of Chicago?

The Alumni Club is managed by a dedicated group of alumni volunteers who make up the board of directors. This board facilitates the planning and execution of events, coordination of volunteers for events and university initiatives, and general group governance. The board is supported by university staff. However, the club is really run by all of you--our fellow alumni!

The club exists to support and serve all of the needs of Chicago-area alumni. Alumni are encouraged to participate in events, plan events, volunteer at The University and in the community, and do anything else to get involved. Have you been inactive in recent years? We invite to reconnect with us. You're welcome to participate again at any time. We love seeing regular and new faces.

How do I join the Alumni Club of Chicago?

You don't have to do anything--you're already a member. Anyone who has matriculated at and/or attended the university as a student, or is a current or former member of its faculty is a member of the Club as long as he or she resides in the metropolitan Chicago area. 

How do I get more involved with the  Alumni Club of Chicago?

We are always looking for volunteers to join our committees. Submit this online form to tell us more how you want to get involved.
  • Career: manages activities related to career advancement, career changes and networking opportunitie
  • Communications Committee:  Responsible for publicizing Club events, maintaining the Club’s website and social media presence
  • Program Committee: ­ Plan, supervise, and organize club events.

What if I do not currently receive email or print notifications of events? 

All University communications are pulled based on your current address in our database. If you are not receiving notifications, odds are that we do not have the correct mailing or email address on file. 

How is the event schedule put together?

We try to present a diverse array of events - young alumni events, career and networking events, cultural outings, family-oriented events and everything in between. These events are organized by volunteers who choose topics that are interesting to them, and they hope will be interesting to you. If you don't see a certain type of event it may be that we don't have an alum in that demographic to plan them. We always welcome suggestions for events, but even more than that we welcome volunteers to plan events to fill that hole. 

What events are publicized on this website? 

We feature events that are planned by our local alumni club and events that are planned by our university campus partners. We do not list other events. If you are an alumus with an event in mind that you would like to plan for the club, please start by reveiwing the Volunteer Tools and Resources Event planning page. This will allow you to tailor an event toward our club and be a part of the official programming calendar.