UChicago Alum Stuart Brody, AB'70, author of "The Law of Small Things" at 57th Street Books

Join your fellow alumni and the community for a discussion and Q & A about the book, and creating a habit of integrity.

We are living in a time when dishonesty and duplicity are becoming commonplace. Each of us can fight this cultural corruption by recognizing and resisting the scores of small, seemingly innocent ways we make moral compromises in our own lives without even realizing it.

Join fellow alumni to discuss this, and related topics, at a discussion with Stuart Brody, AB'70, author of The Law of Small Things: Creating a Habit of Integrity in a Culture of Mistrust. A Q&A and signing will follow the discussion.

About the book:
The Law of Small Things reveals the casual way we regard our promises and the misconceptions we have about acting truthfully.

The Law of Small Things also exposes how our culture encourages breaches of integrity through an array of “permitted promise-breaking,” a language of clichés that equates self-interest with duty, and the “illusion of inconsequence” that excuses small breaches with the breezy confidence that we can fulfill integrity when it counts.

It depicts these and other deceptions we deploy to appear to act with integrity without actually doing so. The book contends that each of us has the means and responsibility to repair the tear in our social and moral fabric, not by pointing fingers at others, but by recognizing and resisting the scores of small, seemingly inconsequential ways we make moral compromises in our own lives.

Ultimately, developing skill in the practice of integrity leads us to knowledge of who we are — not in the way the culture defines us, but in the way we truly know ourselves to be.

About the author:
University of Chicago graduate Stuart H. Brody draws from more than twenty years as an advisor to prominent political figures, including presidential candidates. He has held numerous public offices, not-for-profit board directorships, and teaching positions, including serving on the Regional Transportation Authority of Northeastern Illinois, the New York State High Speed Rail Commission, the United Way board of directors (New York), and the University of Chicago alumni board (of Arizona), and as Ethics Officer to the State of New York (Department of Environmental Conservation) and Visiting Scholar, now Senior Scholar, at the State University of New York’s Institute for Ethics in Public Life.

In his career as a lawyer, he represented many high-profile clients, appeared before the US Supreme Court, and wrote numerous articles on dispute settlement and labor–management relations. The Law of Small Things evolved from Stu’s many years observing “good people” trapped in a culturally dysfunctional understanding of personal authenticity and public integrity. He is committed to dispelling these illusions and paving the way for more authentic personal living and inspired public leadership.

Praise for the book:
"Stuart Brody’s The Law of Small Things is an engaging study in contradiction. It is easily readable and full of real-life examples of truthfulness and values-driven action—or the lack thereof—and it raises challenging questions that cause us to reconsider our daily and unthinking habits of self-justification and self-deception.”—Mary C. Gentile



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