Alumni Club of Chicago's Alumni Weekend Scavenger Hunt

Alumni Club of Chicago Scav Hunt debuts at UChicago Alumni Weekend!

The first ever Alumni Weekend Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by the Alumni Club of Chicago, made its debut on Saturday, June 7. The Hunt, inspired by the University’s notorious Scav Hunt, was organized by Board members Hart Weichselbaum, AB'71, and Jasmine Davila AB ‘98.

Nine teams registered for the hunt, which took players all over campus to complete tasks such as: taking a selfie with the portrait of Robert Maynard Hutchins hanging in Hutchinson Commons, getting a letter of recommendation from fictional University professor Indiana Jones, and naming as many University Nobel laureates as they could in 30 seconds. They had two hours to complete as many items as possible before returning to the main quad for judging (and a much deserved break in the Alumni Beer Garden).

It was a close race which came to a startling conclusion when two teams tied for first place. One of the winning teams, Questionable Role Models for Impressionable Young Scholars, consisted of Alumni Club of Chicago Board members Charmaine Owens, MLA'98 and Oscar Anderson, AB'70. Rounding out the group were Charmaine’s son, Sam Owens, AB'04, and Jenny Pez, PhD'12. This team is not to be confused with the other team competing under the Questionable Role Models for Impressionable Young Scholars: Board members David Simmons,Lab'71, AB'75, AM'76, Paula Fung, MBA'00, George Cahill, AB'92 and wife Moira.