Spring Dinner with 12 Maroons - host opportunity

Reconnect with current students and faculty by co-hosting a dinner

Looking for a great opportunity to get in touch with current students and faculty on campus? Look no further! This spring, the Student Alumni Committee is presenting a Dinner with 12 Maroons series and is looking for Alumni participation.

The Dinner with 12 Maroons event provides an amazing opportunity to bring together students, alumni, and faculty involved at the University of Chicago to foster strong relationships. As the alumni host, the details of the meal will be at your discretion, but are typically hosted in homes or restaurants in Hyde Park, South Loop, or downtown. The Student Alumni Committee will be able to reimburse you up to $150 for your generosity and help.

Each dinner consist of nine students, two alumni, and one faculty member. The students enjoy hearing from alumni and would love to meet you this fall. The dinners will be held Thursday, April 30th through Saturday, May 2nd. If you’re interested in hosting a dinner, please contact studentalumnicommittee@uchicago.edu by Wednesday, April 22.

Hope to see you there!