Alumni Club of Chicago Mission

The Alumni Club of Chicago is a nonprofit association whose purpose is to strengthen the bond between the University of Chicago and its alumni, to foster interest in and to disseminate information about the University, and to strengthen the role played by alumni in the life of the University.

Board Member Expectations​

  • Attendance at Board Meetings; The Alumni Club of Chicago holds five (5) board meetings annually, on the second Monday of September, November, January, March and May. While the expectation is that Board Members will attend all scheduled board meetings, at the least, three of the five scheduled meetings must be attended. Attendance may be either in person or telephonically through the Club's conference dial-in.
  • Participation on Board Committees; The Alumni Club of Chicago has established a number of committees focused on the overall work and mission of the Club. These committees represent the backbone of the Club and active Board engagement is crucial to the Club's on-going success. Participation in one or more committees as a condition of Board Membership is expected of all Board Members.
  • Participation/Attendance at Club & University-Related Events; The Alumni Club of Chicago and its Board are active sponsors and participants in a wide range of University events (a list of current and past events may be found here).  Participation principally takes one of two forms:  Either event planning by which a Board Member develops and manage a Club-sponsored event or event volunteering for such Club-promoted events as the Harper Lecture Series, Giving Day or PhoenixFest, or general University opportunities such as Homecoming or school-specific programs. As a condition of Board Membership, Board Members are required to participate in at least three Club or University-related events annually.
  • Financial Contribution to the University; Each Member of the Board is expected to make an annual cash contribution to the University coincident with the University's July to June fiscal year. Although Board Members are expected to give to the best of their means, there are no restrictions on the amount that may be given, nor on the specific program or activity to which the donation may be made.